Solution: .webp images are not loaded in Google Chrome from a CDN subdomain



You have a web site with the domain Images are loaded through Cloudflare CDN with the subdomain

Broken image icons
Broken image icons


.webp images not loaded in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Arc, and other Chromium-based browsers.


  1. Go to Cloudflare Dashboard.
  2. Select the “Rules” tab on the sidebar, “Transform Rules”.
  3. Open the “Modify Response Header” tab and press “+ Create rule”.
  4. Fill in the form:

Rule name: Content-Type: image/webp

If: Custom filter expression
Field: URI Path
Operator: contains
Value: .webp

Then: Set static
Header name: Content-Type
Value: image/webp

Transfrom Rules
Transform Rules

5. Press the “Deploy” button.


Go to your website and .webp images should be displayed in Google Chrome.